Exciting Changes to the PWCS Calendar for 2021-22


The Prince William County School board has released the calendar for the 2021-22 school year, and it has some exciting new changes to it! 5 new religious holidays from different religions will be added to the calendar. Being that Prince William County is a diverse area, these new changes will be extremely helpful to our diverse community and will help our students feel represented and included within the county.

Parents were given the choice to choose between either having a 2-week winter break that does not add the new holidays, or a shorter winter break while having the 5 holidays off. While the first option won by a majority, the school board brought in a new option where the students will get both a 2-week winter break and the 5 holidays, but five more days will be added at the end of the school year.

The new holidays include the Jewish Holidays of Rosh Hashanah, September 7, and Yom Kippur, September 16; the Hindu holiday of Diwali, November 4; and the Muslim holiday Eid Al Fitr, May 3. While students are given a day off on these holidays, the calendar will not specify the names of the holidays. Rather than listing the names of each holiday, the calendar will refer to them by stating “School Holiday – Schools and Offices Closed.”

These 5 days have shifted around how the calendar usually looks. Now, instead of closing school on June 10, schools will close on June 15, 2022. Students will start on August 23, 2021, and will continue to have a 2 week-long winter break. 

While those days are switched around, the rest of the holidays will stay relatively similar to what it has looked like before. Thanksgiving break will be from November 24-26; Veterans Day, November 11; winter break will be from December 20-31 with school reopening on January 3; Martin Luther King Day, January 18; Presidents Day, February 21; and spring break will be from April 11-15.

This information sparks a lot of excitement in the students who celebrate these holidays. Hylton Senior Reja Yousfi expresses her excitement by saying, “As a practicing Muslim that has had to skip school days for years, I feel well represented by Prince William County School’s decision to be more inclusive.”

Senior Aisha Knotts goes on to say,  “It’s really nice to see this as a progressive movement towards equal inclusion of many different religions.” Prince William County is made up of a diverse demographic, so it’s great to see that our students are able to celebrate their holidays without worrying about missing school.