How do Students feel about Turning on Their Cameras

With Zoom, we have requirements. Make sure to come in and on time, do not do anything that may be a distraction to the class, make sure to participate in the class, and so much more. However, the new rule that has students conflicted and confused, is that all students must turn their cameras on during Zoom Meetings. What may seem like a no big deal is very frustrating for some students, especially for some early classes. Will turning on cams be bigger of an annoyance than we all thought?

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When asking students how they feel about turning on their cameras, all felt the same about the issue: it is unnecessary. During an interview with Barbara Campbell, a Senior at Hylton High School, she said, “ I find it a little weird and unnecessary because some people are doing other things on Zoom. Like, I just think it is a little strange because we are in our own homes, you know?” Agreeable. Some students may deem it uncomfortable when having cameras on, having to see their rooms and/or homes. No one wants to see how unorganized or how messy a student’s room can be. We all have that pile of clothes that were on our beds that we had to put there because the pile was on our chairs. While interviewing a student who wanted to be anonymous for this interview, they had said, “ Well, I am not a big fan of it because you could be doing something, like eating, and you don’t want people to look at you while you are eating.” Students have a lot of stuff to do in the morning, this includes eating breakfast. Some students can not turn their cameras on if they are eating so when the excuse is said, it may seem like a lie.


Students have their reasons to not turn their cameras on. Whether they have something in the background, they are eating, or they need a bathroom break. During the interview with Barbara Campbell, she said, “Sometimes you have to go to the bathroom. I mean, you know some people actually get ready on Zoom, they would bring their computer to the bathroom with them. People are at work too!” This is understandable, some students have changed their schedule to fit in with their work schedule. A couple may have their classes be interfering with work and getting ready. Some students can work with multitasking, while others can not. While some teachers may be cool with students not turning on their cameras, some teachers may be strict about it. You know the ones!


While most feel that they deem it unnecessary to turn their cameras, some find it insignificant. When asked Wyatt Wolf, a senior at Hylton High School, how he feels about the situation, he said, “I feel pretty good about it. I mean, it’s been a while since we were in person so I feel pretty good about it.” It does not seem to strike frustration in so many. Turning on the camera may seem fine because all it is a click of the button and showing your face. It is 8 in the morning, it is understandable. While in an interview with Michael Davis, a Senior at Hylton High School, he said, “I feel fine with it. It depends on really what it is for, I guess. It does not really affect me in many ways than some people might feel.” It may cause a situation at first thought. Thinking you have to clean your room so that no one sees anything bad. It is when the student finally sits down and turns their cam, it is not as bad as they once thought. 


Hopefully that one day, we will not have to worry about having to turn the cams on or not. Some day we will have to meet in person. Possibly with no mask either. It all seems like a dream now. At this point, students might need to get used to the changes that are still to come. For now, students will now have to turn their cameras on. The only thing teachers will see will be frowns.