Opinions on election candidates

As the elections arrive next week on the decision of our new president, some students were asked what they thought of the two candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Joe Biden is part of the Democratic party. He was also the former vice president of the United States. Some of his stances include the abolishment of the death penalty, the increase of the federal minimum wage to $15, and student debt relief. When surveyed, some students wanted Biden as president. One of the reasons was because he worked as vice president with the former president Barack Obama. Others are against him, believing he gives out too many taxes. One student said he “doesn’t say anything substantial and makes broad statements.” Another said that “Biden is very unproblematic but with “problems, he has talked about changing the U.S. for the better.”

Our current president, Donald Trump is running again for re-election under the Republican party. While he believes in planned parenthood, he thinks late abortions should be banned. He also has stances with stricter immigration policies and does not believe in gun control. However, even as president, students believe that Trump “flip flops” on his views, not seeming to know what he’s doing and let his emotions overtake his professionalism. “Avoids confrontation and picks and chooses his questions.” One said while others mention that as president, he has good causes and should be respected.

Some students agree with one candidate, and others disagree with both. It’s important to understand and learn about them as these are people that we elect to make decisions for us for better or for worse. Voting is extremely important, no matter who you choose as our next President.