COVID-19 is not over yet


March 2 Of 2020 we had 16 cases that were documented  as of today October 26, 2020 we have 8.78 million  and 226,000 deaths reported

At the beginning of this pandemic we had 16 cases, the numbers started to increase significantly. Then we went into quarantineand the numbers had settled, once we started the stages of came out of quarantine more people were started leaving there housewithout the precautions of  COVID -19 and not wearing theirmask or still not washing their hands. That is when the cases started to rise.

Virginia Had started to see COVID cases on March 18, 2020 and was reported with 10 cases, after that day cases Had started to rise between March 19th and June 6th. In mid-June beginning of July COVID cases had decreased, but soon began to rise again at the end of July. Virginia highest peak was on August 8th and was reported with 2,015 cases on that day, since that day our lowest day of cases was 450. Our main contributor is Fairfax County with a total of 23,462 cases and 606 deaths. As of this day October 26th, 2020 Virginia has a total of 174k COVID-19 cases.

The United States has had a rough time with controlling COVID -19 with the highest COVID cases in the world with 8.78 Million. Right now, we are at our highest peak of cases with 74,323 cases on October 26 ,2020. Our Main contributors is Texas, California, and Florida all together they have 2.61 Million cases and 51,923 deaths.

This evidence is showing that this is our second wave of the virus and its worse than the first wave we had. From June 14th to October 26th we had an increase of 288.52% in a matter of four months in the whole U.S. The moral of the story is to wear your mask, limit your time going out if not needed, wash your hands, and stay safe.