Tips for Applying to College During a Pandemic

College applications are due in a few months. Here’s how to get them done during these difficult times.


Image taken from Pexels

While it may be a chaotic time with the pandemic raging, the presidential election quickly approaching, and 1st quarter grades coming to a close, college applications are still due. With all these outside variables, it may be increasingly hard to focus on submitting an application to your dream school, but don’t worry, there are ways to do it.

Here are some tips for getting your college applications done on-time and stress-free:

  • Talk to your counselor

While this may seem obvious, counselors are a really great resource for college application help at Hylton. Many of them have worked in college admissions before and seen hundreds of Hylton students complete the college application process, so they know it inside and out. They can help you with sending your transcripts and SAT/ACT scores, writing and editing your personal/supplementary essays, getting fee waivers for both your applications and SAT/ACT, and simply making a Common/Coalition Application account! It may not be possible to sit down with them in their office, but, if you email them they are always available for a Zoom call to answer any of your questions.

  •  Do some research

When thinking about where to apply to college, students are often influenced by where their friends want to attend, social media/pop culture, and the exclusivity of the school. This, however, is something to be avoided. You should only apply to schools with programs that genuinely interest you, not schools you think would be impressive on a resume or schools your friends are already attending. College is supposed to be all about you and what you need to be successful, so choose wisely, or else you could end up unhappy at a place you paid a lot of money to attend.

  • Save money

Applying to college is expensive. You not only have to pay for tuition when you get in, but you have to pay to apply! Many students have to pay transcript, standardized testing, and application fees! These fees can vary from zero to hundreds of dollars, so be prepared for costs, and do your research on the application fees for the schools you are applying to. It is possible, however, to not pay any fees if you’re a student that qualifies for a fee waiver. These students are typically on free/reduced lunch, but, there are exceptions. Your counselor can help determine if you are eligible for a fee waiver.

  • Visit the schools – virtually!

Most college and university campus tours are currently canceled, but, that doesn’t mean you can’t visit the school! Many schools are offering virtual tours, information sessions, and Q&A’s for prospective/applying students to learn more about the school. So, if you’re on the fence, attend a virtual tour. Typically you’re able to speak to a few current students and admissions representatives who can give you a feel for the place, as well as additional information on the application process. Even if you’re not on the fence, it’s good to attend a virtual event. You could learn more about the school than you had before, or realize you like the sound of it on paper better than in reality.