How SCA Is working Virtually


Hylton’s Student Council Association has been known to be extremely active with the Hylton community. Whether it’s organizing a pep rally or hosting adopt a child, you’ll always find them in the Hylton body.

Before COVID-19, the executive board had been planning to hold numerous events, such as class activities, pep rallies, and school dances. Now, it’s a lot more difficult for them to plan events due to all of the restrictions. Hylton senior Morgan Pryor, treasurer of the Student Council Association’s executive board, expressed her frustrations with operating virtually. “We’re still trying to figure things out, it’s hard to do anything virtually.” 

While it has been a struggle to organize events, executive board members have already been appointed. When asked about elections, senior Siana Koulefianou goes on to say, “We already changed them, but not a lot of people ran for positions so we got what we applied for.”  The executive board is currently being run by senior Victoria Miranda as president, senior Siana Koulefianou as vice president, senior Morgan Pryor as treasurer, sophomore Monika Miranda as historian, and junior Elizabeth Kemp as parliamentarian. The secretary and public relations (PR) positions are currently open.

While there was no need for an election for the executive board and a majority of the class officers due to positions being open, that is not the case for the senior class. With a majority of the positions having multiple people running, their election will be held within the next two weeks. 

Senior Edwin Gonzalez is currently running for senior class representative, this being his first time holding an actual position in SCA. “I wanted to run because I think Hylton needed some new voices in their student council. I want to represent every student, no matter their background when we make decisions regarding school events and other activities.” 

Because class officers focus on their specific grade, it’s easier for them to plan events during COVID-19 than it is for the executive board, who plans the school-wide events. Most classes aren’t planning that many events, as it is a lot more difficult to do, but that doesn’t seem to stop the senior class.

 The senior class has already painted their class rock, held a Kahoot night, and sold their senior shirts! They are planning to hold more Kahoot nights and other virtual games to keep the senior class interested. “Even though COVID disrupted our usual agenda, we continue to build activities that can engage the senior class! While I can’t see everyone, because of the pandemic, I am still excited to work for this class” Gonzalez goes on to say. 

While the senior class officers are the ones who plan the events, they are eager to hear about what the students want. They currently have a senior class GroupMe where they take everyone’s opinions into consideration. Senior Jackie Mitchell, current vice president of the senior class and is running for president, definitely wants the students to know that they’re being heard. “The class officers can’t make decisions without the student body’s input. We want to hear from the student body about events we should have and feedback on how we are doing. So stay active and stay alert.” It’s safe to say that COVID-19 isn’t stopping the seniors from experiencing their senior year!