What is Everyone Listening to During Quarantine?

So far quarantine has brought all of us closer together. It has also brought us a lot of free time. Free time to watch movies, play the game, or watch that show you’ve been meaning to watch but have been procrastinating the whole time. You know which one I’m talking about. However, we all have time to listen to the new music that has been released during these trying times. Whether it is through the radio, YouTube, Spotify, or shown to from our friends. So the question is: What is everyone listening to during Quarantine? 

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When I asked the question to Malaika Rehman, a sophomore from Hylton High School, she said, “I’ve been listening to a lot of Frank Ocean and I am not really sure what else, to be honest. A lot of Frank Ocean, a lot of Drake.” This doesn’t seem to be as surprising. Frank Ocean is very popular, and Drake is everyone’s favorite.” Some were as expected, of course. While interviewing Jessica Holmes, a Junior at Hylton High School, she said, “Well, Rap like always. Like, Kodak Black and Polo G.” The Rap genre has been on everyone’s radio the whole time even before the quarantine. It’s in our Airpods, our Beats, our speakers, and our minds. 


It’s basic knowledge that people are listening to music every day. There are some moments though where we stumble on a song that becomes our favorite. What songs have captured everyone’s heart during this quarantine? When asked this person who shall remain anonymous, they said, “I’d say one of my favorite songs new songs would be Easily by Bruno Major. It is just really chill and I like the vibe.” When asked the question to Malaika, she said, “There is like a lot of songs by Kodak Black I have been listening to. There are about three or four that I like.” She said that she has also been listening to Japanese singer-songwriter, Joji. Specifically, the song called “SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK”. 


Other than that, some people are listening to jazz or the 24/7 Lofi music that has been trending for the longest time on Youtube. When asked the question to Elvira Soldatenko, a Junior at Hylton High School, she said, “I have listened to R&B a lot. Especially if it is slowed + reverbed.” Some of these were kind of relatable. It is nice to hear some slowed + reverbed while you are having one of those nights. You know the ones. Some were very surprising. When asked to Jessica, she said she has been listening to a lot of 50s music. Her favorite song from the 50s is La Bamba by Ritchie Valens. When asked to another student who decided to stay anonymous, they said, “I have gone deeper into the indie genre and have sort of gone into country and rap” It seems like that people have run out of ideas of what to listen to and they found music and other genres they didn’t think they would like. Luckily for them, they now have an even bigger interest in other types of music. Or unless some people are listening to the same songs on repeat like a broken record. 


Even though the people interviewed are different in most ways, they all had the same opinions on what popular music teens are listening to right now. When asked this to one of our anonymous, they only said one thing: WAP by Cardi B feat. Megan Thee Stallion. Hilariously enough, they are not totally wrong. Kristen Eubanks, a Senior at Hylton High School, had also said that everyone is definitely  There have been TikTok challenges that can back that statement. Jessica Holmes had said, “Definitely Rap and R&B” When asked to Malaika, she said, “I feel like everyone is listening to whatever is trending on TikTok. I’m sure lately, that is where all music trends are coming from. Songs that no one knew even existed. They are all blowing up because of that app right now. In general, I think everyone is listening to a lot of rap music.” 


Lives have been changed because of quarantine. Some are just trying to get by with what they can enjoyment wise. The one thing that will never disappear for the rest of the time that we’re in quarantine and after is the music that fills our souls and powers our motivation to get up the next morning. Music has the power to change lives and alter opinions. It can start revolutions for the best reality.