School Board Meeting for Second Quarter – High Schools to Remain Virtual

The School Board discuss options on getting students back into school.


On Wednesday, October 7, PWC School Board held a meeting discussing second-quarter options on kids, returning back to school.

Many residents came out and spoke their concerns on whether children should do in-person or stay virtual. Those wanting to go in-person expressed concerns about their student’s inability to focus and stare at screens for more than 12 hours. The parents and community members in favor of the Return to Learn 50/50 model say that they are not getting an adequate education.

Residents who were in favor of staying virtual spoke out on the improvement of some kids adjusting to the new learning schedule and that many teachers and students just can’t afford the risk of going back.  There was criticism,  however, of the way the virtual school was happening such as the overload of work students are receiving and not being able to attend live sessions due to outside circumstances such as jobs that are greatly affecting their grades in their classes.

Superintendent Dr.Walts presented the Board a gradual return to learn modeled after the 50/50 Return to Learn Plan which would have only Pre-K and kindergarten going back in-person in November, middle school and high schools will remain virtual, and other grades in elementary would be “phased-in”. This will allow the high schools to keep their later start time. First graders would also return in December and second and third graders in January. The plan also will have in-person CTE labs for students on Mondays to do their hands-on learning.

After further questions and deliberation, the School Board ultimately approved Dr. Walt’s plan for a gradual and phased-in approach to the 50/50 Return to Learn plan with high schools such as Hylton High School remaining virtual for second quarter with the exception of CTE classes which will begin to come on on Mondays for hands-on instruction.