Hispanic Heritage Month at Hylton!


The United States celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15. It is a celebration of history, culture, and contributions of people from Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Spain. Hispanic Heritage Months begins on September 15 marking the anniversary of independence for five Latin American countries. Within the 30 days, Hispanic Heritage Month has the independence of over eight Latin American countries, and Día de la Raza, a celebration of the mestizo race. It is undoubtedly an occasion for national and school-wide celebration!

Latin American countries celebrate their independence with parades, fireworks, and a display of their cultures. On September 15, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua celebrated its collaborative and collective independence from Spain. September 16, is the celebration of Mexico’s independence, and following, Chile celebrates its independence on September 18. Concluding Hispanic Heritage Month, Columbus Day or Día de la Raza is celebrated on October 12. Día de la Raza celebrates indigenous and Spanish blood coming together to create mestizo/a/x blood, which most Hispanics are today. 

In spite of being virtual, Hispanic Heritage Month is still being celebrated by Hylton High School! Prince William County’s 2018-19 CD Hylton school profile, indicates that Hylton has around 44% of Hispanic or Latinx staff and 39.2% of Hispanic/Latinx students. To celebrate our Hispanic and Latinx school community, the Latin American Student Association has been active on Instagram (@hyltonlasa) and their new Twitter (@hylton_lasa) posting about influential Hispanic and Latinx role models, and frequent polls and trivia about Hispanic Culture! LASA is also hosting a movie night on October 2 for Hispanic Heritage Month. The movie featured is Pachamama, a story about an indigenous young boy in the Andes who hopes of becoming a shaman. Our Center for International Studies and Languages and LASA are collaborating to accept the movie night as CISL points. CISL plans on hosting a former Spanish teacher, Ms. Andrade, as a guest speaker. Ms. Andrade will be sharing one of the topics that were voted on at the September CISL meeting, which include Alandaluz in Ecuador, The Mapuche in Chile, what we celebrate during Hispanic Heritage Month, and Latin America’s response to COVID-19. These topics are educational and relevant during Hispanic Heritage Month!

If you wish to extend Hispanic Heritage Month in your individual life, honor and recognize Hispanic and Latinx Americans! Educate yourself on history, food, countries, and even individual Hispanic people! If you are Hispanic or Latinx, share your cultural heritage with friends and family. Read and listen to Hispanic artists. Hylton’s Canvas library page, under the CISL tab, features many Hispanic and Latinx authors’ literature! 

One of our staff writers asked Christian Daniels, a Hylton sophomore, why he loves Hispanic and Latinx culture, and he had this to say, “La música. I found out my great-grandma was Dominican after that I wanted to learn the language and learn the culture. When I did that, the thing that attracted me the most was the music. And I love to dance so I learned how to dance bachata merengue etc. So dancing is another reason. I like how you can add your own flair to it to make it yours.” 

Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month is a celebration of over 20 countries, millions of Hispanics living in the United States, and even more cultural aspects within. We’re able to share and learn about Hispanic and Latinx culture with our family, friends, and school community. CD Hylton’s Latin American Student Association and Center for International Studies and Languages are virtually celebrating Hispanic and Latinx Heritage Month until we can be together in person again.