In The Zoom Where It Happens

Find out how our bulldogs are managing to keep in touch through clubs virtually.


Photo: zoranm/iStockphoto

During these unprecedented times, everyone has had to adjust to a new normal. Our clubs are no exception, as they have been looking for ways to continue working even from home. The Watchdog Staff reached out to various club leaders to find out how they have been operating from home. 

Before virtual learning, meetings would take place after school depending on the club’s schedule. Now, along with meetings being held on zoom, any tournaments/competitions students would normally attend in-person will be online.

Hylton senior and co-president of the Latin American Student Association, vice president (running for president) of the Student Council Association, and president of Model United Nations, Victoria Miranda had a few things to say about how her clubs will run. “Life over zoom, though significantly harder to manage, has actually been a blessing in disguise.” 

The Latin American Student Association is working on various online events for the school community. They are looking forward to speaking out on issues happening in the community and making sure students are being provided with the resources they need.

Although there are many benefits to using zoom, there are some issues in keeping students interested. “I’ve been struggling to get people engaged and getting into contact with people- most people don’t like Zoom, and don’t care to sit down and stare at a screen after school, so we’ve been trying to work around that,” Miranda said. 

Along with struggling in student engagement, meeting online makes it harder to get in touch with other club members. Senior Gianna Jirak, secretary of both the Student Council and Model United Nations, captain of the Academic Team, and president of the Drama Club, agrees with this sentiment. 

When asked about what obstacles she has faced, Jirak responded with, “I just started doing it [her clubs], so mainly coordinating everyone on when a meeting is going to happen and background noises in zoom calls.” Rather than popping into a classroom to leave a message or get information, students are limited to conversing online. 

Senior Ariana Llaneza is another Co-President of the Latin American Student Association, along with being the president of the Debate Club. Llaneza had similar information to share as to how her clubs will run. Debate, along with Model United Nations, will be having their tournaments online. Although online tournaments may not sound ideal, it doesn’t seem to phase Llaneza’s spirit!