CISL: All You Need to Know For The 2020-21 School Year


Hylton’s very own Center for International Studies and Languages will be undergoing some changes as we transition into the virtual model. One of our Staff Writers had a chance to phone interview with Ms. Campagna, our CISL Director, on how CISL will look for the 2020-21 school year, or the foreseeable future. The Q&A has been condensed and summarized.

Q: How will general meetings work in terms of days, times, and attendance?

A: Since a lot of students have enjoyed the later start, for now, CISL general meetings will be as they have been in the past. Third Thursdays at 2:50 pm which is part of the after school virtual office hours time.

Q: The school year ending early means we didn’t get elections, when will elections take place?

A: At the October general meeting, students are encouraged to run for the CISL student committee. Now more than ever, we need CISL student leaders to step-up! Again, elections are in the October general meetings but more information will be released at CISL’s September general meeting on September 24, which is also our first general CISL meeting of the 2020-21 school year.

Q: CISL points are required for all CISL students, will CISL points be earned on a more flexible agenda due to the virtual aspect?

A: Yes! There will be more flexibility and creativity in the global awareness activities that will be accepted as CISL points but CISL students are still expected to engage and be active participants. For any questions regarding if an activity you have participated in is valid for CISL points, make sure to have proof of participation and proof of how it is raising your global awareness, and contact Ms. Campagna. The CISL homepage on our school’s website has a helpful infographic regarding CISL points.

Q: Obviously, some CISL activities will not be able to proceed as in previous years, What alternate CISL point opportunities are in the works?

A: Although the CISL administration has been working hard to come up with alternatives, CISL students must be willing to be leaders on the committee and help CISL come up with alternative approaches. It is uncertain whether our bigger events such as Rise Against Hunger and the CISL conference will proceed in-person.

Q: Quite a few members of our student body are looking forward to the international night, are there any plans or ideas of what that would look like this year?

A: Again like our bigger events, we have no indications of how the situation will be playing out soon. Virginia Guidelines are subject to change, but we’re looking into both an in-person and virtual scenario.

Q: In past years, we have had exchange students from all over the world. Last year our exchange with Italy and those following were unfortunately canceled. In the foreseeable future is there hope for exchange trips this year?

A: Unfortunately this year no international trips or exchanges will take place. Though CISL’s exchange program is momentarily paused, it is not abandoned. Coordinators on both sides are still in contact, monitoring the situation, and ready to exchange our students again.

Mrs. Campagna and the rest of the CISL administration team as well as the CISL student committee are working hard to make CISL accessible and fun despite the virtual aspect. More information will be available at the monthly CISL general meetings (which also count for points!). To keep updated with CISL, refer to the CISL page on Hylton’s website, CISL newsletter, and CISL’s social media accounts!