Watch Out World, I’m Grown Now

Adulting isn’t as easy as Zoey imagined.

A picture of the Grown-ish Cast

the Grown-ish cast from left to right: Chloe bailey, Halle bailey, Diggy Simmons, Jordan Buhat, Trevor Jackson, Francia Rasia, Emily arlook, Luka Sabbat and Yara Shahidi on the ground

In Black-ish, a show featuring a black family in this modern day American climate, the eldest daughter of the Johnson family branches off on her own in the break off series Grown-ish as she navigates through her college experience.

Zoey Johnson, played by Yara Shahidi, is a college student at CalU (California University) who is taking her first steps into the adulting world. Zoey has to try and navigate through trial and error in these momentous steps. Soon she faces reality and discovers that now she has left the nest, things will not always go her way. 

In the beginning of the show, Zoey compares her idealistic experience to the Breakfast Club, a movie about students who spend a Saturday in detention, and soon finds out that college is really not what she imagined. Zoey has a tendency to be self-absorbed, but slowly learns how to deal with friends and potential love interests. 

Zoey’s biggest challenge is learning how to treat people from different backgrounds kindly. She tends to complain about issues that are not really as bad as she makes them seem. Though Zoey’s friends try to help guide her, she tends to do the wrong thing. In the end, she always learns how to do the right thing.

Looking for love and choosing between three guys is another challenge Zoey faces during season one. She starts talking to two guys at once and they both find out.  After Zoey realizes she hurt the two boys and it’s best to give them space, she ends up falling for someone else. By the end of season, all the boys confess their feelings for her and Zoey finally makes a decision.

After choosing the guy she wants to date, Zoey’s life soon becomes a lot harder in the second season.  After a long night of partying and failing to study, she resorts to cheating on her finals. Zoey thought that she could get away with it, but ends up being placed on academic probation. She tries to hide the truth from her dad, but her dad’s friend tells him.  As a result, Zoey’s dad pays her a surprise visit to discuss her reckless behavior. Disapproving of Zoey’s lifestyle, her dad decides to cut her off financially leaving Zoey scrambling to find a job to cover her college expenses.

Still struggling to learn right from wrong, Zoey is ready to take on her third year of college in the third season of Grown-ish. Only four episodes are out, so you still have time to catch up, but hurry up! You can find the first two seasons on Hulu.