Love is in the building; Hylton’s staff couples

These couples see each other at work and at home.

Did you know these Hylton staff members are couples? In honor of Valentine’s Day, the Watchdog staff talked to the pairs to learn about their love stories.

Teacher Couple Mrs. & Mr. Terenchin selfie at beach
Social Studies Teacher Mrs. Christine Terenchin and Earth Science Teacher Mr. Luke Terenchin


Selfie of Hylton staff couple Mr. and Mrs. Campagna
Assistant Principal and CISL Coordinator Mrs. Betsy Campagna and Special Education Teacher Mr. Joseph Campagna


Wedding picture of Hylton staff couple Mr. and Mrs. Eason cutting their wedding cake
Business Education Teacher Mrs. Tara Eason and Security Assistant Mr. Kenneth Eason

Q: How did the couples meet?

Mr. Sampedro found love right here at Hylton. He first laid eyes on Mrs. Sampedro when she was a teacher in training and thought she was really pretty. Although she was shy, the couple found their way to one another.

The Campagnas also found love at work. Mrs. Campagna was Mr. Campagna’s substitute when the pair worked at Freedom High School. Mr. Campagna’s boss introduced the two.

The Terenchins and Easons found each other online. The Terenchins met on while The Easons met on a Christian Dating website.

Q: What made you fall for your spouse?

Sampedros: Mrs. Sampedro says she saw her spouse teaching and loved how he acted with his students. Mr. Sampedro says he fell for his wife’s big heart and her smarts.

Terenchins: Mrs. Terenchin says her husband is charming, has a good sense of humor and can be exceptionally kind. Mr. Terenchin says his wife was really easy to talk to. “She’s a very loving and caring person,” said Mr. Terenchin. 

Campagnas: Mrs. Campagna says her husband’s kind heart made her fall for him.  “He looks intimidating, but he’s very sweet and kind.”

Q: What’s it like working with your spouse?

Even though they’re in the same building, most of these couples rarely see each other in the building.

Sampedros: “Sometimes it’s like we don’t even work in the same place,” said Mr. Sampedro. Working in the same building is convenient and even saves the couple gas money!

Terenchins: They say it’s a new and enjoyable experience. Every once in a while, Mr. Terenchin will pop into his wife’s classroom to surprise her.

Campagnas: The Campagnas surprisingly don’t see each other in school so much. They do their best to limit work talk outside of school, but it can be hard sometimes. 

Easons: The Easons both said they don’t see each other throughout the day, so it makes no difference that they work in the same school. 

Q: What is a fun fact about your spouse?

Sampedros: Mrs. Sampedro says her her husband’s first time trying broccoli was at the age of 35, and Mr. Sampedro says his wife’s guilty pleasure is watching the TV Show The Real Housewives.

Terenchins: Mrs. Terenchin said that everything becomes funnier the more tired Mr. Terenchin gets, whereas Mrs. Terenchin admits she gets cranky when she’s tired. Mr. Terenchin said his wife randomly tickles him. 

Campagnas: Mrs. Campagna says her spouse answers every question with “42”, a reference to their favorite book/movie, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Mr. Campagna said that his wife loves to sing along to music in the car.

Q: How are the couples spending Valentine’s Day?

Sampedros: The Sampedros are going to a fancy restaurant, Carmelo’s with their two-year-old daughter Noelle. They’re going at 5 PM to make sure Noelle does not miss her bedtime.

Terenchins: Mrs. Terenchin is going to cook her husband his favorite meal and then they’ll spend a relaxing weekend at home. Mr. Terenchin plans to buy Mrs. Terenchin flowers and chocolates.

Campagnas: Each year Mr. Campagna cooks a special dinner for Mrs. Campagna: Penne Vodka Pasta Sauce, Prosciutto and Melon, and Angel Food Cake with a berry compote.

Easons: The Easons are taking their youngest son on a college tour and visiting their oldest son at Old Dominion University.

The Watchdog staff wishes these couples and our readers a fun-filled Valentine’s Day weekend.