Frozen 2 Falls Flat on the Ice

The movie disappoints long-time fans


Screenshot of a scene in Frozen 2

It has been six years since the first Frozen movie became such a worldwide phenomenon; fans have been anticipating this sequel for a long time.  The 10-year old fans from the original movie release are now teenagers, but that hasn’t diminished their interest.   

Frozen 2 lets fans connect with the characters that they grew up with, which is a definite plus about the movie. It always feels good to reunite with old friends. Who does not love that snowman? Like the last movie, Olaf brings many laughs into Frozen 2.  

However, I am not sure if this sequel can compare to the original. The lack of catchy tunes is the biggest problem for this movie. I did not walk out of the movie with any powerful show tunes stuck in my head such as “Let It Go” or “Do You Want to Build A Snowman.”  For me, the entire movie was made up of largely forgettable songs.  The songs fell flat with little emotions. 

The movie also felt too complicated; the plot was not as clear as the first movie. There was so much going on that it would be hard for anyone to follow. It seemed like the producers were trying to appeal to an older audience. The new characters did not seem relevant and played minor, insignificant roles. Elsa got most of the attention and was the only character who was developed throughout the movie. The movie seemed to sideline Anna, Kristoff and Olaf despite them having big roles in the last movie.  

The movie focuses a lot on Anna and Elsa’s love for each other, but it does not feel authentic.  The movie opens by looking back at the young princesses sharing precious moments with their mother.  The movie begins with a lullaby she used to sing to them as children. The lullaby turns out to be an important plot point later regarding the family’s history. It was a cute scene but felt forced in the movie.  

When the flashback ends, Anna and Elsa are returned to the present. Elsa starts hearing a mysterious voice that is calling to her about a threat to Arendelle’s future. This sets off a dangerous mission for Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven. The adventure leads them to an enchanted forest where there is an ongoing conflict between the indigenous people of the forest and the citizens of Arendelle. While in the enchanted forest, the sisters discover the truth about their past and the origins of the conflict. 

As they go on, they will unlock the mystery of why Elsa was born with magical powers.  During the movie, as a sort of comic relief, we see Kristoff face his own dilemma of trying to find the right moment to ask Anna to marry him without stumbling on his words. Kristoff felt abandoned much of the movie and was questioning his relationship with Anna. Once again, this plot was sidelined and was not resolved by the movie in a way that satisfies the audience.  

From rivers to ice sculptures, Elsa and Anna come to understand that water holds memories from the past. As Elsa gets closer to the voice singing out to her, answers about her powers and her parents are revealed through ice sculptures that come alive with scenes from the past. The movie was full of symbols but they had little impact on the audience or plot. 

All in all, the movie did not meet fans’ expectations. While it was not horrible, Frozen 2 fell flat in many areas and was not what I was looking for.