Rick and Morty Keeps Fans Laughing; Season 4 Airing Now

If you’ve watched and enjoyed other sitcoms like South Park or Family Guy, Rick and Morty is definitely worth looking into.


Rick and Morty in front of a chaotic background.

Adult Swim’s dark comedy show Rick and Morty features innocent 14-year-old Morty Smith and his alcoholic grandfather, Rick Sanchez, going on adventures through the galaxy.

In the show’s pilot episode, Rick Sanchez returns home to his family: his daughter Beth, son-in-law Jerry and grandchildren Morty and Summer. Rick is a selfish, arrogant nihilist who regards himself as “the smartest man in the universe.”

Morty is quite a different character than Rick.  His everyday low self-esteem and self-hatred makes him the perfect target for his grandfather’s jokes. Rick constantly belittles him for his inferior intelligence. Morty’s anxious and doubtful personality easily make him one of the audience’s favorite characters.

The show skillfully blends the mundane with the insane. There’s no explanation for many of the situations the pair falls into. Even as their adventures spin out of control around them, the two characters grow closer together.

The best part of Rick and Morty, however, is that their actions actually have consequences. When Rick and Morty do something, it affects them, their family and, in some cases, the entire world. In season 1, episode 6, “Rick Potion #9”, Rick devises a love potion to get Jessica, Morty’s crush, to fall in love with him. The timing of this episode is during flu season, where Morty infects Jessica and the potion’s effects go airborne after it piggybacks off the flu virus. Rick soon realizes his mistake and in a sloppy effort to fix it, comes up with a more airborne virus and releases it onto the city. The new virus mutates the world and Rick and Morty are forced to relocate to another version of Earth.

Even though the show is a cartoon full of humor, it’s still an adult-oriented show that deals with themes of family, grief, regret and growth. The point is not always immediately clear and would likely be lost with a younger audience.

Season 4 began airing in December and promises to bring more laughter and excitement for Rick and Morty fans. Check out the show Sunday nights at 11:30 PM on Adult Swim.