Students and Social Studies are Near and Dear to Mrs. Terenchin’s Heart

Terenchin believes the study skills and work habits she developed through her own AP courses prepared her well for college. She wants to ensure her own students are just as prepared.

Hylton Social Studies Teacher Mrs. Christine Terenchin remembers her own high school days at Colonial Forge High School in Stafford County well. Terenchin was a member of the dance team, French club, National Honor Society and Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). She also ran the tutoring committee and was part of the AP bubble.

Terenchin credits her Advanced Placement (AP) teachers with setting her up for success at the University of Virginia.

“I loved them! They really asked me to read, write and think on a deeper level,” said Terenchin. “I felt like a sponge (of knowledge).”

Terenchin believes the study skills and work habits she developed through these courses prepared her well for college. Thanks to the college credits she earned in high school, she was able to complete both her Bachelor’s degree in history and Master’s degree in secondary social studies education in just five years.

Terenchin wants her students to have a positive experience like she had. Her AP teachers helped develop Terenchin’s passion for her subject. In both her AP Comparative Government and AP World History classes, Mrs. Terenchin strives to connect with students and help them obtain and remember the material through hands on activities and incorporating art. Students periodically role play scenes from history and participate in debates.

She knows that History is not everyone’s cup of tea and understands that it is hard to study a subject that doesn’t spark an interest in the individual. Through her intense, genuine love of her subject, she always finds a way to reach students.

“I care about my students. I want them to be successful,” said Terenchin.

Terenchin’s ability to turn a learning environment into a true community is what makes her stand out among other teachers.

Teaching is a family affair for the Terenchins. Mrs. Terenchin’s husband, Mr. Luke Terenchin also works at Hylton in the science department; he teaches Earth Science and Astronomy. Mrs. Terenchin says she enjoys being able to share students and ideas with Mr. Terenchin. He periodically surprises her in her classroom and the pair eats lunch together when they have the chance.