CAUTION: Graduation is Closer than It Appears

CAUTION: Graduation is Closer than It Appears

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Many students count down to senior year but when it finally arrives, time seems to fly by too fast. The whole year is full of milestones and special moments from homecoming to prom. It’s also a stressful year that students are really pushing through to apply for colleges and prepare for graduation, all while trying to keep their grades up. 

Homecoming is the first big event of the year with spirit week, a school-wide pep rally, the football game and dance. Homecoming brings with it an extra hype of energy; Hylton pride seems to flow throughout the school and into students’ veins.  

For some seniors, it’s a bittersweet moment to realize they’ll never experience another homecoming. 

Senior Allison Smith said, “I feel kinda sad because there won’t be events like that for college.”

Traditionally, seniors win the spirit week competition, but this year was a whole different story. With only 150 seniors participating in the dress-up days throughout the week, seniors landed in fifth place, fifty points behind the sophomores. 

Senior Darling Pereira has her own opinion about why seniors’ spirit was low this year. 

“I think it’s based on the themes we had this year,” said Pereira. “The seniors weren’t into the themes.”

While homecoming is behind seniors, there are still many more opportunities for them to show their spirit and participate in other senior events. Planning is still underway but here are the anticipated events seniors can look forward to.

December 11–Senior movie night

February 20–Ski Trip to Massanutten

April 24–Prom

May 1–College Decision Day

May 15–Kings Dominion Senior Fest

June 3-Senior Sunset Celebration

June 6–Graduation

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