Washington Nationals Capture First World Series Win

The Fans Rejoice!

The Washington Nationals won a thrilling comeback against the Houston Astros on the seventh game in the seventh inning on Oct 30. This marks the team’s first ever World Series win.

The Nationals dominated the LA Dodgers and the St. Louis Cardinals in the playoff games. Many people underestimated the Nationals’ roster from their abundant number of veteran players, but it was those experienced players that made the win possible.

“We knew we were going to be the oldest team in the league,” said pitcher Max Scherzer in an ESPN article. “Everyone said that was a negative. We looked at it as a positive.”

With only two playoff losses, it was the best season ever and the team knew it. They went into the World Series with their heads held high. That’s when people knew the Nationals were a formidable team able to win the World Series.

The Nationals began the World Series off strong with two wins in the beginning, but the Astros brought the heat winning the next two games, tying the games up with two wins and two losses. In the upcoming games, it was a back and forth teeter totter with the Astros winning in game five and then the Nationals winning in game six of the World Series. By the time it got to the final game of the World Series, both teams had won three games to tie it up. It was a nail biter to the very end! When the Nationals won the championship, it was a moment to be remembered for a lifetime.

During the World Series key players like pitchers Stephen Strasburg and Max Scherzer fired up the stadium with their throws, strikeouts and tactical thinking. Once third baseman Anthony Rendon scored a home run in the seventh inning, it started a frenzy of home runs and strikeouts.

Nationals fans rejoiced and celebrated their team’s success with a parade on Nov 2. Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said in a Washington Post article, “We are proud of our team who went to Houston and finished the fight, winning their first-ever World Series and delivering another championship to our sports capital.”

Many Nationals fans stayed up late to see the outcome and to celebrate their team’s first World Series win. Hylton teachers and coaches were excited about the win as well. 

Hylton’s Baseball Head Coach Jason Ritenour said, ”I think that it was a surprise, with the way that they started out, but they really turned it on. They were a very hot team in baseball the last month and a half of the season.”