Victory for Victorious

Victorious is now on Netflix for fans old and new to watch.

An image from the show Victorious.

An image from the show Victorious.

The iconic 2010’s Nickelodeon show Victorious has recently been brought to Netflix, prompting old fans to re-watch the series and new fans to start it.

Victorious is a teen sitcom by Dan Schneider, who is the creator of many popular Nickelodeon sitcoms such as Zoey 101, iCarly and Drake & Josh. The show focuses on a teenage girl named Tori Vega who gets the chance to attend a prestigious performing arts high school called Hollywood Arts. There, Tori meets a group of friends and with them she learns how to navigate her new wild school life all while getting themselves into outrageous situations.  

When Victorious hit Netflix, the internet lost its mind. People were excited that a show they grew up watching was finally on a streaming service they could easily access. Now Victorious has become a viral sensation once again.

The Slap, which is a social media website on Victorious has become a meme on Twitter and Tiktok. People are posting fake Slap updates either from a character or the creator’s point of view.

Another media storm has been the debate of whether or not Tori Vega was a good character. Characters such as Jade West and Cat Valentine are gaining attention for being the “true stars” of the show. There were also some debates on which songs were better than others, such as Take a Hint vs. Beggin’ On Your Knees.

Even with all the internet buzz, I was not as excited as everyone else seemed to be about Victorious now being on Netflix. I have never been the type to binge watch a show or a movie series, but I did think it was nice to have the option to watch one of my childhood shows again. 

A few days after Victorious hit Netflix, I was bored and decided to give Victorious a shot. I was quickly drawn in and addicted to the show again. 

The show is just as I remember from when I was seven years old, but now that I am older, there are things I notice and appreciate more.

Mainly what I noticed is how endearingly cheesy the show is. With stereotypical characters and a cliche “new girl” plot, the show is a creation of all things high school cliches.  The show features the quirky main character, the mysterious cool guy, the high school goth, the nerdy boy, the ditzy friend and the classic guy best friend.

Victorious also has at least one singing performance every two episodes or so with songs that are hard not to love. The performances are what make the show unique from other Dan Schneider shows and are the most notable scenes. Without them, Victorious would not be the same.

Overall I have really enjoyed re-watching Victorious. There is a reason people were so insistent on the show being brought to Netflix and why when it was, the internet lost its mind. The show is fun, witty and reminiscent for those who watched it growing up.

Anyone who is interested in watching Victorious, either for the first time or for the fifth, should definitely head to Netflix and watch.