How Great is the iPhone 8?

Erin McCoy, Editor

Another autumn season is upon us and while the leaves are turning brown and falling, the technological world is just getting started. Each year Apple releases a new breed of iPhone, and this September, generation 8 has made its debut. A sleek new design with a glass back and wireless charging has caught the attention of many Apple lovers.

The new features don’t stop there. Reportedly, the iPhone 8 has a much better battery life and high tech camera improvements. A brand new aspect that allows your phone to adjust using color temperature technology was also implemented, and this seemingly eliminates the need to squint at your phone in sunlight or in dark rooms.

I decided to go see the phone for myself. I visited the Apple store located in Potomac Town Center. The store was packed with curious Apple fans. A line extended across the huge store while people of all kinds inquired about the latest technology. The phones were displayed in an average style, near the other generations of iPhone, and, nothing particularly caught my eye. Sure, the design of the 8 is sleek and appealing, but it doesn’t seem much different from the iPhone 7 I currently own, aside from the shiny glass coating that surrounded the back of the phone. It doesn’t seem like an amazing addition because most purchasers will cover their phone in a protective case. The employees appeared extremely busy trying to satisfy all of their potential customers. However, those casually viewing the phones seemed to have the same view as me; it’s just not very different.

Hylton students have their own views on the new piece of technology. Many say it is too expensive and out of their price range. Senior Erica Perez, iPhone 7 owner stated, “It’s just so expensive that the features aren’t worth it.” Senior Kathleen Gurango, iPhone 7+ owner shared a similar view, “I feel like Apple is just trying to release new phones each year without focusing on originality and uniqueness.”  Most students were completely fine with the version of the iPhone they currently own.

Overall, to most interested, the iPhone 8 appears to be a bit of a letdown, despite how successful Apple’s big releases may have been in the past. Hopefully the release of the brand new and supposedly different iPhone X on November 3rd will amaze Apple lovers.