School Lunch Brings the Thunder

Senior Owen James' school lunch rap video won the PWCS Nutrition and Wellness Competition earning $1,000 for Hylton.

Hylton Senior Owen James won the Prince William County Schools (PWCS) Nutrition and Wellness Competition on Oct. 22, winning $1,000 to be used towards a nutrition or wellness effort for the school.

James’ teachers thought he was the perfect student to create a video to represent Hylton.

Hylton Television Production Chair Mirachelle Canada said, “He took his own initiative to come up with the idea, and worked in a small group, and made it [the video] within a 24 hour period… I would say that’s impressive.”

Winners of the competition get to work together with school administration to choose what they would like the money to go towards. James wanted to hear from the Hylton community before making a decision.

“I felt I won the money for Hylton High School, so I wanted Hylton High School to pick what it is,” he said. “Many cafeteria employees suggested that the money should go to kids who have lunch debt, and the SALC suggested a color run for a wellness expo, or donating the money to a charity.”

James particularly liked the idea of creating a wellness expo. He’s hoping if the money is invested well it could lead to an annual event at Hylton and leave a lasting impression.

“The wellness expo is something that is going to last longer than a few months, and the money (through potential event donations) could be invested,” said James. “If the wellness expo becomes an annual thing even years down the road it is something that started with something that I was able to do with the school,” said James.

James is an active member of the Hylton community. He is a member of Hylton’s TV Production program, the Student Activities Leadership Council (SALC), swim team and lacrosse team. Outside of school, James is a member of the Future Kings Entrepreneurship Program. He wants to attend Hampton University when he graduates.

You can watch James’ winning video here: