Students Show Off for Spirit Week

Spirit week was from Oct. 15-18, and the junior class won the contest for most participation.


Spirit week is always an opportunity for Hylton students to show off their creativity and spirit, and this year was no different. It lasted from Oct. 15-18, and directly preceded the homecoming festivities held that weekend.

The days were as follows:

Tuesday: Nick vs. Disney day, in which students came to school dressed up as their favorite characters from either network This is how Hylton students have shown their spirit this week!

Wednesday: Boujee day, in which students came dressed up in their most fancy/expensive outfits

Thursday: Decades day, in which freshmen came dressed as “juveniles,” sophomores came dressed in the fashion of the early 2000’s, juniors came dressed in the fashion of the 1990’s, and seniors came dressed as “senior citizens”

Friday: Class Colors day, in which students came dressed up in their class’ designated colors. Freshmen dressed in white, sophomores dressed in yellow, juniors dressed in blue, and seniors dressed in black.

Student Council Association (SCA) Public Relations Officer Jemma Alumbaugh said, “Spirit week was a unique way for students and teachers to express themselves! I loved the outfits I saw from everyone.”

Students attended a pep rally on Friday to officially kick off the weekend celebrations.

German Exchange Student Hannes Reitinger said the pep rally was “a new great experience” in America.

During the pep rally, the four classes got to show off their school spirit as they competed against each other to win the spirit week competition.

In the end, the junior class won first place, sophomores won second, followed by freshmen in third and seniors in fourth. Seniors rarely lose the spirit week competition, so the results were quite a change from previous years.

SCA President and Senior Daniella Saforo said, “It was sad we lost the competition, but at least we won the scream challenge. I hope when there are more opportunities for spirit week, like in the winter, seniors can be encouraged to engage in spirit week.”