A Look Into Homecoming 2019

All the information you need about the dance, the pep rally, spirit week, and more.


A graphic depicting important dates for homecoming.

As October dawns upon C.D. Hylton High School, so does the homecoming spirit. With the game, the dance, and spirit week approaching, preparations for the multitude of events are underway.

Hylton’s Student Council Association (SCA) has been making preparations since the summer by ordering decorations and planning out the details of the homecoming dance, which will be held on October 19 from 7:00 to 11:00pm in the gymnasium. This year the theme will be a masquerade ball, and while the theme of the dance may have you thinking otherwise, masks will not be allowed due to security reasons and adherence to the dress code. However, to make up for the lack of masks, Hylton will have a new DJ who will be bringing a special light set and new music. There will also be a photo booth, which students can use for free. 

SCA advisor and math teacher Sue Hunter said that she is, “hopeful everyone is more favorable to the DJ.” 

Tickets for the dance will be on sale during all lunch shifts from Oct. 7 to the 11 in the commons for $20, which is nonrefundable. But before you can purchase a ticket, you must have a signed dance contract, which you can get from the front office.

Many students are looking forward to the homecoming dance this year for many reasons.     

“Since this is my last year of being at Hylton, I really want to immerse myself into the last moments of high school,” said senior Jean Jose Ikambana- Ayala.

If you would like to volunteer to help set up for the homecoming dance, talk to Mrs. Hunter in F-211 before school, or F-209 after school for information. Students can volunteer on Saturday morning at 7:00, where they will be putting up decorations, or take homecoming decorations down that Sunday. Participants will receive service hours.

Students can also nominate their peers for homecoming court through an online Google form that was sent to every student’s Gmail account. Students are not supposed to campaign for homecoming court, and nominations should be based on who students believe is the most worthy and has the best character.

Before the weekend of the dance and the game, there will be fun new spirit week themes to encourage school spirit.

The spirit days are still being voted on, and students can currently vote via a Google form sent to their Gmail accounts, but the possible themes are: Nationality Day, Boujee Day, Disney vs Nick, Neon Day, Music Genre Day, Decades/Throwback Thursday, and Hawaiian/tourist day.

For Music Genre day, students would come to school in the fashion of their assigned music genre. Freshmen would get emo music, sophomores country music, juniors pop music, and seniors rap music.

For Decades day, seniors would dress as senior citizens, juniors in the fashion of 1990’s, sophomores in the fashion of 2000’s, and freshmen as juveniles. 

For Nationality day, students would come dressed up in their country’s colors or bring their country’s flag.

For Hawaiian/tourist day, students would come dressed as stereotypical tourists, wearing things like Hawaiian print shirts, fanny packs, sunglasses, etc.

Spirit week participation this year will be measured by counts of students participating in their homeroom classes. Whichever grade level has the most spirit week participation gets to lay claim on a new spirit stick, which demonstrates the commitment and competition in school spirit for each class.

On Friday, Oct. 18,  students will dress in class colors in preparation for the pep rally at the end of the day. Freshmen are supposed to wear white, sophomores yellow, juniors blue, and seniors black.

The pep rally will be held inside in the gymnasium, and will feature class competitions and performances from Hylton’s most talented groups such as the dance team.

The block party will be held later that night, before the homecoming game, and will feature multiple club booths and food. Each grade level will have their own table, and so will each club that chooses to participate. There will be lots of games, food, and fun!