Hylton Football Featured in WJLA’s Game of the Week

Hylton and Patriot will battle it out tonight under the close eye of WJLA ABC 7.


Friday morning’s pep rally!

More than one hundred Hylton students arrived to school before 5 a.m. on Friday, Sept. 27 to cheer on the Bulldogs during a live pep rally televised by WJLA ABC 7.

“Our Hylton family pride was awake and excited early this morning,” said Susan Guidry, Hylton gifted education teacher.   

Hylton’s varsity football team will travel to Nokesville Friday evening to battle Patriot High School. Hylton has lost the last three games against Patriot, so this morning’s school spirit might rev-up the team for a comeback. Coach Tony Lilly shared he’s excited to see how his team plays this evening, he thinks they’ve made a lot of progress since the beginning of the season. 

“I feel like we are going to win,” said senior Seth Harden, a player on the varsity team.

The two schools secured more than 22,000 votes this week to have their game featured in WJLA’s Game of the Week. They beat out Magruder High School and Rockville High School in Maryland by just six votes. 

The students at the pep rally donned Hylton spirit wear and a positive attitude, many of them being freshmen, who were excited for their chance to be on TV.

Freshman Mekhi Blakeney said, “It was fun and a really cool experience and my first time on TV!  The best part was when the news reporter stood in front of the football team and did an interview.”  

To make up for the student’s early rising, the football team, marching band, cheerleaders, and other sports teams were provided with a breakfast, and other students who showed up got pom-poms and foam fingers.

Eileen Whelan, a meteorologist for ABC 7 News and the reporter on site interviewed football players, met Superintendent Steve Walts, and football coach Tony Lilly.

Whelan later tweeted, “Hylton Bulldogs brought their A-game!”