Letter to the editor: We deserve honest communication


Victoria Miranda is pictured far right, along with other SCA inductees and SCA advisor.

Victoria Miranda, SCA Vice President & CISL Committee Sophomore Representative

My name is Victoria Miranda.  As a student leader, I decided to speak to the school board at the May 1 meeting following the April 30 incident here at Hylton.  I was upset by the way the situation was managed.  I had a few points I knew I wanted to convey to the school board. 

I commented on the timeline of events and the fact that there were two hours between the incident and when we were genuinely in a lock-in.  I also pointed out that it wasn’t until 4:30 p.m. that it was communicated to us that we would be staying until the police conducted a full investigation. 

I questioned why a class change took place after the incident and why we weren’t immediately placed in a lock down.  I also shared how we had to rely on social media and text messages to gain an understanding of what was going on in our school.

It was frightening to hear rumors about a gun before receiving any official information.  At the same time, the rumors seemed to note there was not an immediate threat to our school, which was a huge relief.

There absolutely should be an examination of the protocol we use in our county to respond to crisis situations.  The next time a weapon is brought to school, we might not be so lucky. The time to institute reform and examination should be now.  We can’t wait until people are injured or killed. 

We deserve honest communication when there’s a safety concern in our building.

Thank you for your consideration.


Victoria Miranda

Student Council Association Vice President & CISL Committee Sophomore Representative