Dr. Steve Walts Crowned Twitter King

Dr. Steve Walts Crowned Twitter King

Eliana Black, Staff Writer and Business Manager

Near the middle of this school year, PWCS Superintendent Dr. Steve Walts began to establish his presence on social media, especially Twitter. Walts’ fanbase grew with each new snow day closing.  He now has more than 18,000 Twitter followers @SuperPWCS including students and community members.

Senior Jordan Poland said, “My grandma loves him! She said he knows what he’s talking about.”

In the flurry of snow days, the community tuned in via Twitter and anxiously waited each night for the official call.  Twitter became the go-to site to hear the news first.  Walts announced one snow day via a “Let It Go” parody, in which he was singing and playing the piano.  Groups of elementary students even began posting ideas to help him announce the snow days. 

Two local high school studentswho happen to be Walts’ neighbors decided to deliver him a chocolate cake to thank him for calling a “code red” closing for snow.

Prior to his Twitter stardom, Walts used to visit school events without being widely recognized, but all that changed post-Twitter. As his popularity grew, students started sending invitations to Walts via Twitter to attend their school events, from plays to sporting events.

Walts began posting school events that he planned to attend; this allowed students to track him.  He attended everything from Hylton’s International Night to Woodbridge’s Suessical: The Musical. When students ran into Walts at their schools and events, they proudly posted their selfies with Walts.

Walts expertly uses Twitter to connect with students and community members.  Oftentimes he shares encouragement and praise.  Things got political when a  second grader from Henderson Elementary sent Walts a letter encouraging him to pay teachers more. Dr. Walts posted the letter and commented that he “proposed the largest teacher raise in a decade.”

Many high schoolers responded to Walts’ growing presence with memes. Meme of Dr. Waltz as a non-human being holding back "school," the other monster

Hylton junior Owen James said, “There’s not a single school superintendent with as much love for fun and their kids than the man we know as ‘Steve.’ He made a whole song about canceled school just to bring extra joy to the announcement. Nobody else is doing that.”

Source: @SuperPWCS on Twitter