The Future of Hylton 2019 Seniors


Sumayyah Farooq, Editor of News and Politics

Hylton students always strive for the best. This year’s seniors have worked hard to gain acceptance into a variety of colleges.  After they hear back from the schools, they can be overwhelmed by choosing just one school.

A big deciding factor for students is money. College is expensive and students have to consider should look into how much they’re comfortable spending  on their future educational and career pathway.

Senior Bisma Baig said, “I have to take in mind the cost of the school I attend because I will attend medical school later on and don’t want to be piled up with unnecessary loans.”

Another factor was the availability of different majors at a college. Senior Betsy Agyeman said that she will pick the college that will best help her successfully prepare for her career.

A lot of this year’s seniors have decided to attend Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC). Senior Evodie Katanda will start her secondary education journey at NVCC. Katanda is unsure about her future major so she would like to begin college at a school where she can explore different career options without spending a ton of money on tuition.

Senior Zabia Evans has decided to enroll in Hampton University. Evans said, “I grew up familiar with the campus and the day to day life there.” She likes that the campus isn’t very far from home, but it isn’t super close either.

Many students are choosing from the top Virginia schools, while other seniors have decided to go out of state.

Senior Shade Ayeni is looking into going out of state. “I need a change of scenery and the college to be located in an area that embraces creativity and artistic culture,” said Aveni.

The final college decision can be very stressful due to an overwhelming list of pros and cons.  Hylton Career Counselor Mrs. Tracy Main said, “Students should pick the college where they can be themselves and excel.”