Hylton’s Road To College

No matter what year it is, C. D. Hylton Senior High School always has a reason to be proud of its graduates.


Sumayyah Farooq, Editor of News and Politics

Every year the Hylton senior class applies to a variety of colleges and ultimately lands at schools near and far. There is no limit to where Hylton’s graduates can go.

“Many students prefer to stay in-state due to the in-state tuition being affordable and the fact that Virginia has a lot of amazing schools,” said Hylton College and Career Counselor Mrs. Tracy Main.

Senior Simran Khan agrees that there are many great options in our backyard. Khan plans to begin at Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC) and then transfer to a four-year university once she narrows in on a specific major.

Northern Virginia Community College is a very popular choice for students due to its relatively low tuition.  It also gives students more time to decide what they want to do in life. Many students from Hylton have attended NVCC to stay close to their family while also getting a quality education.

Another popular choice is Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). VCU is located in the heart of Richmond, Virginia’s state capital. It is a large, public institution which accepts many students. Many Hylton students have been drawn to its medical program. VCU offers a variety of classes for students going down the medical route at an affordable tuition rate.

Hylton students can go anywhere. They have earned spots at popular Ivy League colleges including Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, and Princeton. Throughout its history, Hylton has had a lot of well-deserving students gain admittance to the most competitive universities.

Senior Chloe Koulefianou got accepted to Harvard, Columbia and Cornell.  “It still hasn’t sunken in that I’ve gotten accepted into so many Ivy League schools,” said Koulefianou. “I’m glad my hard work paid off.”

Every year Bulldogs apply to the top colleges in the state and country. No matter what year it is, C. D. Hylton Senior High School always has a reason to be proud of its graduates.