Hylton Freshman Hits Peanut Butter Jackpot


Eliana Black, Business Manager and Staff Writer

Fifteen- year old Hylton freshman Eric “Bean” McKay has become internet famous in the last few months. It all started when Lidl, the new grocery store in Dumfries, had a sale on peanut butter.

Bean has autism and is sensitive to the textures of food.  Smooth peanut butter with jelly on an English muffin is his go-to.  He eats it for every meal!

When Bean’s mom Tracy McKay heard of Lidl’s peanut butter sale, she took advantage of the 78 cents offer and bought 72 containers!  Believe it or not, the 72 jars only lasted the family 8 months! Since the deal had expired, Bean reached out to Lidl on Twitter. Lidl promised Bean 72 more jars and presented him with a Bechallenge.

“We’ve got 72 jars on the way! Are you willing to up the ante?! If you get 72,000 RTs, we’ll give you a lifetime supply of peanut butter. Do you accept our challenge? #LidlBeanutbutter.” 


Bean accepted the challenge.  Not many non-celebrities can get 72 retweets, let alone 72,000. With the support of twitter’s community, Bean reached more than 72,000 retweets earning him a lifetime supply of peanut butter.  He was officially living in peanut butter heaven!

When the government shut down in December and many federal workers were not getting paid, Bean had an idea. He wanted to use his lifetime supply to help furloughed workers. Any federal employee was able to show a federal id at the Lidl in Dumfries and get up to three free jars of peanut butter.

Bean is now known as “the Peanut Butter Guy.”

“I’ve been known by a lot of things, that’s probably one of the more deserving and accurate names,” said Bean. “When I was in 7th grade, the 6th graders would call me rainbow monkey fingers. I didn’t even know those kids, but they all knew me. It was always people I didn’t know giving me nicknames. Now it’s a positive title.”

On April 2, Lidl released an ad for an exclusive “Beanut Butter” jar, with Bean’s picture and a tie-dye cover in honor of his love for tie-dye. It will be available beginning April 10 while supplies last. Ten cents of every jar sold will be donated to the Autism Society.

Follow Bean on twitter @beanphilosopher, and go purchase a jar of Beanut Butter at your local Lidl.