Five Tips for Senior Year Success


Sumayyah Farooq, Editor of News and Politics

Senior year is an exciting time of one’s life. There are so many new life changes but with that comes so much more responsibility. To make sure you make the most of senior year, here are five tips you should follow:

  1. Be Organized

There is a lot of work to be done senior year. There are a lot of dates to remember for school and college applications. To keep you a bit more stress free, you should buy a planner and use it daily to keep all dates in one place.

      2.  Apply Early to College

          If there is an option to apply early action to college, please do so. This will require you to start working on college applications early in the summer, but in the long run, it will give you a lot of time to apply to scholarships and make your decision.

  1. Don’t Procrastinate

         If possible, you should do your homework the day you get it and you should utilize all the free time you get in school. Due to the extra load of applying to college, procrastinating will make you fall behind on a lot of work and you will feel a lot more stressed.

  1. Use Your Resources

        If you need help writing college essays, definitely go and ask your English teacher to help you. Also, the counseling office is a great place to ask questions about the application process, financial aid and scholarships.

  1. Don’t Overwork Yourself

        At the end of the day, enjoy your senior year because it only comes once. Don’t skip out on opportunities such as going to prom and/or the homecoming game. While you get through senior year, just remember that doing too much work isn’t good for you.  It can be just as bad for you as slacking off 24/7.  Balance and self-care is key.