Bedford’s Legacy Lives On

A reflection on Mr.Bedford’s retirement, what got him to Hylton, and who will take over his duties in his absence.


Gianna Jirak, Editor-in-Chief

Much to the chagrin of students and staff alike, history teacher Mr. Peter Bedford is retiring after twenty-nine years of service to the Hylton community. 

Bedford knew he wanted to be a teacher by the sixth grade. He had already been interested in history, but his teaching subject of choice was particularly influenced by a nationwide event during his sixth grade year: the centennial of the Civil War.

His impressionability and general interest in history made him rather fond of the topic, and lead him to be the AP U.S. History teacher he is today, although he did not start here. After many successful years of teaching middle school, Bedford came to Hylton in 1991, the year of its grand opening.

Coming into a school that’s brand-new, just opening, was a fantastic experience,” said Bedford. 

He had been told for years that he should be a high school teacher, and the opportunity arose when the social studies department head suggested he apply to work at Hylton. 

“I could’ve kept teaching 8th grade and been perfectly happy, but it was time for a change,” said Bedford.

When asked about how he felt about his forthcoming retirement, the long-time teacher naturally expressed his unbridled enthusiasm. 

I am so excitedI am so ready,” said Bedford with a pleasant smile.

A few years ago he developed a timeline around his retirement, and now he is extremely thankful for his planning ahead. 

“It’s going to be a bigbig change for my life. Like I’m going onto the next chapter,” said Bedford.

“Will you miss Hylton?” I then asked, traditionally expecting a solemn yes or a lament about his memorable years at our school, but I was promptly met with a comical, drawn out, ‘no.’ 

“In a way I will,” said Bedford, still chuckling a bit, “but that’s the thing, I’ve prepared mentally to separate, and I’m halfway out the door.”

If you are distraught not only by Bedford’s retirement, but by the possibility of his AP Euro class or History Club retiring as well, worry no longer. Two qualified teachers, Andrew Stanley and Amy Liles have stepped up to take over the positions.

Mr. Stanley is teaching AP Euro with the hearty commendation of Bedford, who said he would be a “great fit” for the class. Stanley is looking forward to teaching upperclassmen, of whom he hasn’t taught in a number of years and shared that he absolutely loves the topic of European History. 

“It is the five-hundred years of history that really bring into focus Western civilization and how we see the world and the values that define who we are,” said Stanley. “This is the course that covers the making of the modern world.” 

The History Club sponsor position will go to Mrs. Amy Liles, who is very excited to take over. 

“I decided to take over the club because I love historical board games and have a big collection at home. Some of those I don’t get to play and maybe I can bring them here and play,” said Liles.

If you are interested in joining AP European History or History Club, talk to Mr.Stanley in room E-134 or Mrs. Liles in room E-127.