Students Take a Stand Against Climate Change


Source: Radio NZ

Rahima Adnan, Staff Writer

Students around the world from Uganda to Norway are walking out of school on March 15 so government officials and business leaders take action against climate change.

Source: DOGO News

This movement was started by 16-year-old Greta Thunberg from Sweden. Inspired by Parkland, she has camped outside of the Swedish Parliament every Friday since August 2018.  She is speaking out and protesting against lawmakers who failed to meet climate change commitments they previously agreed to as part of the Paris Agreement.

The movement continues to grow. Students around the world are concerned they won’t always be able to count on clean water and air.  They are speaking out in hopes of saving their planet.

Generation Z, children born between 1997 and 2012, has a chance to make things better before they become even more dire. According to the United Nations, we only have 11 years to avoid catastrophic levels of climate change, which would lead to events like extreme drought, floods, wildfires, food shortages and water shortages.

Students demands and wants from the protest vary from country to country but they share one common goal: decrease greenhouse gas emissions. In the US, students are walking out and demanding that the government base its decisions on scientific research.  Students expect the government to represent their interests and take action on related environmental issues including clean water supply ( Flint, Michigan), conservation of public land and wildlife. In the UK students are demanding the government to recognize the severity of the crisis, take action and inform its citizens.

Youth Climate Strikes  is organizing a climate strike in Washington, DC on March 15 from 12-2 PM.