Ten great gifts to give on Valentine’s Day

Looking for a gift to give that special someone? Well you've come to the right article.


Gianna Jirak, Lifestyle and Fashion Editor

  1.  A Lovepop Card

These unique pop-up cards are a perfect addition to any gift. You can purchase this one on lovepopcards.com for $13.

2.   Artificial flowers rose bear

Valentine's Day Gift Artificial Flowers Rose Bear

These absolutely adorable bears come in a variety of colors and sizes. You can buy them from uredaka.com for $19.95.

3.  24k Gold Dipped Rose


This luxurious, everlasting rose is perfect for someone with expensive taste. You can purchase it from ihatestevensinger.com for $59.95.

4.  Romantic letter in a bottle

A letter in a bottle is vintage, romantic, and would be a fabulous surprise for the receiver. You can purchase it from invitationinabottle.com for $29.99.

5. Custom star poster

image 0

These posters show what the night sky looked like on the date/time that’s significant to you and the receiver. You can purchase this on etsy.com at ModernMapArt’s shop. It costs $25 for an 8×10 inch poster.

6. Coordinates necklace

These custom necklaces can be personalized with the coordinates of any place that’s special to you and the receiver. You can purchase it on etsy.com from Ziime’s shop. It costs $39.00.

7.  Love Letter Necklace

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This personalized gift has a cute custom secret message inside of it. You can purchase it from etsy.com from Millstone Accessories’ shop for $25.

8.  Hello Beautiful Mini Gift Set

Hello Beautiful Just for You Mini Gift Set

This affordable and fragrant gift is the perfect match for the Bath & Body Works lover in your life. You can buy this set from bathandbodyworks.com for $13.50.

9.  What I Love About You by Me Book

What I Love About You by Me Book

This cute, customizable, book allows you to make a sentimental book for someone special in your life. You can purchase it from uncommongoods.com for $10.00.

10.  Shakespeare’s Love Sonnets

Shakespeare's Love Sonnets

This romantic present is for you and the poetry lover in your life to read together. You can purchase it from barnesandnoble.com for $10.82.