Varsity Girls Basketball: Teamwork is Key

Team presents sophomore Trinity Epps with “Warrior Award”

The Bulldogs varsity girls basketball team had a few good games, but it wasn’t their best season. The team did not have many experienced players this year. Varsity girls basketball coach and security assistant Louie Perkins shared that the girls struggled to play as one. However, Perkins attributed the team’s three wins to their focus and team effort during those games.

In the games that we won, the team applied pressure to defense. This allowed us to steal the ball and score,” said Coach Perkins. 

Coach Perkins identified center player Kayla Burton as the team’s star. Burton is known for playing around the rim, her signature move in which she first throws the ball up near the basket and then ultimately scores a slam dunk. 

Burton said, “They (the team) also reflect on the fact that they could improve communication on their team to make their season better.”

Team manager Calia Johnson said, “The team could improve on teamwork and learn the plays of the game.”

Despite the challenges, Sophomore Trinity Epps was a key player who stood out no matter what. Epps began the season with an injury, but continued to play through the season. Epps received the team’s “Warrior Award” due to her perseverance. Her teammates recognize her as a team player and a good teammate. Coach Perkins said Epps fought really hard in all the games.

The team won 3 out of 21 games. They beat Spotsylvania, Gar-Field, and Osbourn. Their rival is Forest Park High School. 

Over the last ten years, girls varsity basketball had only two losing seasons. Although this year’s team was not as strong as last year, they continue to improve.