High School Looks So Much Cooler on TV

High School Looks So Much Cooler on TV

Kristine Makhatlishvili, Staff Writer

There are many different problems at schools and in educational systems in many developing countries.  People in these countries dream about studying in America. They think that American schools are the same as they are in movies. Schools in America are much better in many ways, but they still have their own problems.

I asked some students to share their likes and dislikes about American schools and here’s what they had to say:

“I like American schools because they let us try new things, but I do not like the attitude of many students towards teachers,” said sophomore Christina Kim.

“The education system is based on grades instead of material learning. We have an amazing football team and plenty of sports teams. Prom is always an amazing experience and overall we have tons of school spirit. I went to school in Germany and they had no school spirit,” said senior Sean Mahan.

“I like the socialization, like the friends that I make and the people I talk to, but I do not like the 5 minute period in between classes, it’s too short,” said junior Ashley Nelson.

“I love the American high schools offer many different general class types, like math, English, history, and science, until I graduate. I also enjoy that abundance of electives that I have to choose from. I dislike that the school starts so early in the day and it takes up my entire day five days a week, and then I go home to do extracurricular and more work from school. So the negative is that it’s extremely stressful,” said junior Rachel Dale.

“One thing I like about American schools is probably that they always give students a source of transportation. My mom is from Sierra Leone where students have to walk miles or ride a bike before they reach school because everyone can’t afford a car, so I think the fact that they provide buses for free here is a really good thing,” said sophomore Alima Kargbo.

“I like that there is a lot of free room to personalize the classes you can take, I like that education is a requirement to a certain extent and therefore everyone is getting an education. I dislike that there is a lack of personal freedom of expression a lot of the time and that therefore an adult is always completely correct and I dislike the requirements of certain classes students have no interest in and will not pursue outside of high school,” said junior Reagan Palazzo.

“Personally I like the diversity of the school, there’s a bunch of people to meet who come from different places all over the world. I do not like too much homework,” said junior Christian Pinto.

It is pretty interesting what do students, who are from other countries and study in America, think about American high schools.

I also spoke with some foreign exchange students at other high schools about their experiences here in the states.

“I like the opportunity to choose subjects by myself and I do not like that they do not have healthy food in cafeterias,” said Anastasiya Berehulyak, an exchange student from Ukraine.

“I like all of the extracurricular activities that they have at American schools, but most of the students are on their phones all the time and it is kind of hard when I want to talk to them,” said Aima Shahid, an exchange student from Pakistan.

“I do not like that classmates in America do not know each other,” said Ani Tatishvili, an exchange student from the Republic of Georgia.