Local Summer College Programs That Are Guaranteed to Prepare You For the Future

Ranging from STEM to theater, these local programs are great for anyone looking for an early college experience or some extra credits.


Gianna Jirak, Lifestyle and Fashion Editor

College: a seemingly daunting and usually inevitable task for most high schoolers. While it may seem scary, many colleges have pre-college programs to allow high school students to get a taste of campus life, and often college credits too. These are some of the best programs the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area (DMV) has to offer for the summer of 2018-2019.

1. The College of William & Mary’s Pre-College Summer Program in Early American History

Tuition: $4,200 (Financial Aid is offered for those who qualify)

Duration: June 23-July 13 (Session 1), July 14-August 3 (Session 2)

The program offers rising juniors and seniors the opportunity to spend three weeks studying early American history while living on the William & Mary main campus. Those who complete the full program will receive four hours of transferable college credit. Students will travel daily to museums, battlefields, archeology sites, and meet professional curators and historians. Students will also participate in an archeological dig. You can apply and get more information here https://www.wm.edu/as/niahd/precollegiatesummer/apply/index.php

2. George Washington University’s Summer Immersion/Summer Intensive/Summer Exposure Programs

Tuition: $3,800 (Scholarship opportunities are available)

Duration: June 30-July 12 (Session 1), July 14-July 26 (Session 2), July 28-August 9 (Session 3)

This program offers rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors a taste of D.C. and college life. They have three types of programs, Summer Intensive, Summer Immersion, and Summer Exposure, each of which allows the student to live in D.C. and deepen their knowledge. Summer Intensive allows juniors and seniors to receive college credit, Summer Immersion allows sophomores, juniors, and seniors to focus on a certain topic (without receiving college credits), and Summer Exposure allows students to get a taste of college. Some of the courses offered are business, STEM, law, social justice, and many more. You can apply and get more information here https://summer.gwu.edu/precollege

3. Georgetown University’s College Prep Program

Tuition: $7,550- $11,744

Duration: July 8-August 9

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In this five-week program, students have the opportunity to study alongside undergraduate students and receive college credit. Some courses offered are chemistry, sociology, theology, physics, and more. Students also take college prep seminars, where they will be taught test-taking strategies for the SAT and how to navigate the college admission process. You can apply and get more information here https://summer.georgetown.edu/apply

4. Maryland Insitute College of Art’s Art and Design Residency Program

Tuition: $2,810 (Two-week program), $4,050 (Three-week program), $6,300 (Five-week program)

Duration: June 22-July 6 (Two-week program), July 7-July 27 (Three-week program), June 22-July 27 (Five-week program)

A group of students huddles around a computer in a Game Design classroom.

Students in this program have the chance to earn 1, 2, or 3 college credits depending on the duration of their program, as well as build an application portfolio. They have the chance to explore Baltimore, and travel to New York City, Washington D.C., or Philidelphia with other creative students from around the world. You can apply and get more information here https://micaprecollege.slideroom.com/#/Login

5. The Univerity of Virginia’s Blueprint Program

Tuition: $2,799 (One week), $3,999 (Two weeks)

Duration: July 7-July 13 (One week), July 7-July 20 (Two weeks)

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In this non-credit program, students will be living on the University of Virginia’s campus and taking classes on a specific topic, however, students in the two-week program can take two different courses. Courses in architecture, film studies, veterinary science, and more are offered as well as the opportunity to get a taste of the college life. You can apply and get more information here https://register.bpsummerprograms.com/