Hylton Hosts Curriculum Fair

Administration, guidance and faculty host a curriculum fair for underclassmen and current eighth graders.


Chloe Koulefianou

Students at Hylton's First Annual Curriculum Fair

Chloe Koulefianou, Editor-in-chief

On Thursday January 10, the administration, guidance and faculty hosted a curriculum fair to show incoming freshmen and underclassmen the plethora of class options offered here at Hylton.

In the enclosed cafeteria, Advanced Placement Coordinator Mrs. Megan Baker organized a presentation to raise awareness for Advanced Placement classes. AP and PreAP teachers from different subject areas spoke about AP class myths, advice for students and general information about the PreAP program. Afterwards, current AP students presented the benefits of AP classes and what they wish they knew about AP classes before they started taking them.

This presentation was followed by a presentation on the Dual Enrollment English 12 class offered here at Hylton.

Yearbook, journalism, and creative writing table with yearbook editors Evelyn Lindeman (senior) and Madison Depalma (senior).

Elmer Johnson is an eighth grader currently attending Saunders Middle School. “I’m not positive I’m going to Hylton but the curriculum fair helped play a factor in deciding where I’ll end up going,” said Johnson. “The foreign language classes are what caught my interest the most, especially how you can travel to different countries.”

Music table at curriculum fair with choir director Mr. Thomas Tutwiler.

The curriculum fair was also a way for clubs to make themselves known as well. Sophomore Jonah Smith is the captain of the robotics team. At the curriculum fair, the team is target both current Hylton students and middle schoolers but with more of a focus on middle schoolers. “Current Hylton students, if they’ve shown any interest, they would have come to us already, but with the middle schoolers, they don’t have the interest yet and they come to events like these and they’re like ‘Oh, I like it now,’” said Smith.

Robotics club station at curriculum fair.

To any student who is hesitant to take the harder courses, Mr. Stephen Davis, a math and physics teacher here at Hylton, says, “Go for it. What do you have to lose?”