UnBEElievable Beekeeper Comes to Hylton


Rahima Adnan, Staff Writer

The Hylton Environmental Club welcomed resident beekeeper and Freedom High School alumna Taylor Guildford to a recent meeting. Guildford has been beekeeping for four years and studies Environmental Policy and Planning at Virginia Tech. Her interest developed when she first was exposed to a beehive.

Guilford brought in a beekeeping helmet and jacket for the club members to try on. She also brought in an empty wooden nucleus or a nuc, which is a smaller beehive. She showed and explained about all of its intricate parts. As a beekeeper, she sells nucs to other beekeepers as starter kits for around $140 dollars. They use nucs to create larger beehives.

In addition, she also makes lip balm out the beeswax from her bees.

The most exciting part of the meeting was the Q&A. She answered questions about her passion, such as how many times a year she gets stung by bees, the answer is six. Members learned about how bees are “raised”, the process of a colony making honey, and the business side of beekeeping. 

Guilford and her bees

The Environmental Club decided at a meeting last spring that it would be interesting to hear from a beekeeper since bees are such a big part of the environment.  

Senior Briana Anderson said, “I  didn’t really know too much about bees or beekeeping and I thought it was super cool to not just learn about how to take care of a bee, but also how to purchase and mail bees. I learned a lot about bees, like how there are thousands of types of bees & why some bees die after they sting something. It was really fun and educational!”

Junior Olivia Redmon said, “The experience was really interesting because you never hear about beekeeping around where we live and it’s fun to be able to listen to someone’s passion and how they got into what they do now.”

The Hylton Environmental Club is focused on learning about environmental issues and spreading awareness about them. If you are interested in learning more, check out an upcoming Environmental Club meeting.  On January 29, the club will meet in room 225 after school to discuss simple ways individuals can reduce their environmental impact on the world.  The club sponsor is Ms. Ziemke. Join the club REMIND by using the below number and message:

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