What Do Students Think Makes a Good Teacher?

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What Do Students Think Makes a Good Teacher?

Kristine Makhatlishvili, Staff Writer

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When people think of teachers, they think of lesson planning and grading papers; however, there’s a lot more that goes into being an effective educator and classroom manager. Teachers and teaching styles vary between countries and even classrooms within the same school and department.

Oftentimes, teachers in many developing countries don’t have access to the same resources many American teachers and students take for granted. Unlike Georgian teachers, most American teachers have many resources to support their creativity and teach their students in different ways. American teachers can use different websites on the internet; whereas most Georgian teachers do not have a teacher computer in their classroom.  The longer class period at most American high schools provides teachers with flexibility to plan fun, engaging activities.

There are many great teachers in these developing countries too. Ultimately, it’s the teachers who make schools and content interesting. Without the assistance of technology in Georgia, more is riding on the teacher’s personality, which can make or break a class.

Teachers have the education and skills to be effective in the classroom, but those things alone don’t guarantee that students will love their class and instruction. No one can say what makes a good teacher better than a student.

Junior Mariam Hassan said, “A good teacher is a teacher who teaches their students with honesty and I feel lucky that most of my teachers are nice.”

“A good teacher should be a wide-hearted person and should be respectful to each and every student,” said sophomore Christina Kim.

“Teacher is someone who is willing to help everyone until they understand something,” said junior Ashley Nelson.

As an ordinary student, I think that a good teacher is professional and has a great personality. A good teacher makes his or her students feel smart. A good teacher never gives up on his or her students and tries new things to encourage them.