Meet Sasan Faraj: Your Student Representative to the School Board

Patriot senior Sasan Faraj is working hard to ensure students’ voices are heard.


Gianna Jirak, Lifestyle and Fashion Editor

Sasan Faraj, a senior at Patriot High School, is the 2018-2019 Student Representative to the PWCS School Board. The School Board first created the student representative position for the 2017-2018 school year; Hylton alumna Kate Arnold was the first to serve in the role.

As a non-voting member of the School Board, Faraj’s position involves him attending and speaking for five minutes at each School Board meeting. He shares what he’s heard from the students and the things he thinks should be addressed. He personally visits each high school to attend a Student Council Association meeting, where he gives the students an open floor to express their grievances and explain what they think needs to be done. When he applied, he knew this position was about what the students wanted.

Faraj speaking at PWCS’s Excellence and Equity in Education Conference.

Faraj shared he wanted the position for the opportunity, not for the college applications nor the title. It gives him a chance to serve his community and learn different perspectives. “I love hearing from students and encouraging them to voice their opinions. The students’ voices are an important aspect of our education,” said Faraj. Students can email Faraj at [email protected] to address any school or education issue.

Outside of the position, Faraj is co-captain of the debate team and president of the Social Studies Honor Society (SSHS) at Patriot. Last year, he represented Prince William County at the Humanities Residential Governor’s School. Faraj says he is currently working on college applications. He plans to attend a university with a strong international relations or public policy program. After that, he hopes to attend law school.

There are two alternates to the school board, Annabell Bergeron a senior at Brentsville High School and Wilfredo Villatoro a senior at Gar-Field High School. They’re all a team and work hard to ensure that the student’s voice is heard. “Without their help, I would not be able to do this job,” said Faraj. All of them are working together to plan the student summit which will coincide with the parent summit.  The event will be held at Hylton on January 5.

For those interested in applying for the position in 2019-2020, Faraj has some advice: “To those thinking of applying, this position is a lot of work: late nights, long meetings, so many emails. But the fatigue from the hard work is outweighed by the joys of seeing students unite. I would recommend that future applicants apply for the right reasons. Don’t apply because of college or the title. Apply because of the opportunity to make a change and hear from the students. Apply to be the change that the student body wants.”