Présentation de Madame Kaleigh Doan

Meet Kaleigh Doan, a Hylton French teacher who was awarded with the Teacher of the Year Award in 2017-2018.

Présentation de Madame Kaleigh Doan

Siana Koulefianou, Staff Writer

French teacher Ms. Kaleigh Doan is in only in her second year of teaching at Hylton, but she has already won a major award.  Doan was one of two new teachers to be named 2018 PWCS Outstanding New Teacher of the Year. 

While Madame Doan shared that she always knew she wanted to be a teacher, her interest in French grew when she studied French in 10th grade; she fell in love with the language. Her love for French led her to study in Nantes, France for a year in college. After graduating from Hope College with a Bachelor of Arts in French Secondary Education and English Secondary Education, she spent a year working in Montpellier, France where she secured a job as an English teaching assistant at Lycée Jules Guesde through the French Teaching Assistant Program. Her favorite thing about France is the different mentality that they have. “They take life more slowly; they’re not as stressed,” stated Doan.

Doan was drawn to Hylton because of its Center for International Studies and Languages (CISL) program.  She enjoys the fact that students here are interested in so many different languages, proclaiming, “It makes my job fun.”

Students and staff think highly of Madame Doan. Sophomore Myerya Morales-Caballero said, “She’s a great teacher because she cares about her students.”

“Madame Doan is an excellent teacher. She has a sunny disposition and she’s a very valuable asset to our school.””

— CISL Secretary Darlene Rivera

“She’s a really good teacher and is really  interactive,” said sophomore Emily Cyr.

“Doan has a rare gift to relate to students and has mastered the ability to teach all levels,” said Principal David Cassady in a PWCS article. “She is one of the best new teachers I have ever seen, she is an exceptional teacher, bringing real world experiences into the classroom. Her students have excelled and grown to love her classroom and the French language.”

Doan shared the following advice with new teachers last August: “Set high expectations for your students, believe that they can get there, and then put in the extra work to help them to get there. Take the time to talk to them about their lives, even when it seems that there is no time. Smile, be present, be real, and when they tell you a crazy joke, laugh.”