Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Anyone with a Netflix subscription and a love for comedy should give this show a try.


Laila Hooks, Staff Writer

After countless weeks of scrolling past the Netflix original known as Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, I decided to give it a try. Being bored, however, was not my only reason to give this show a chance.

When I recognized a familiar face, Ellie Kemper from “The Office,” I was eager to explore her other work because I believe she has a very effective comedic delivery. However, Kemper did not hold the show up all on her own.

A recognizable comedic actress Jane Krakowski from “30 Rock” as well as a new actor, Tituss Burgess, joins Kemper in making the show come alive. Burgess portrays a wannabe Broadway star, and Kimmy’s roommate, also by the name of Tituss. His character provides double diversity with interesting side stories such as being treated better as a werewolf than as an African American man and being the first love of a man who is fresh out of the closet.

Although the pilot was lackluster, it explained the premise of the show and set the tone for the following episodes. Kimmy Schmidt was kidnapped as a child by a “reverend” who claimed the world was ending. Kimmy was trapped in a bunker with three other kidnapped victims until adulthood when they were saved and the “reverend” was arrested.  The story revolves around Kimmy’s emergence into the “new world,” and her interactions with new people and how she matures with their guidance. Though the subject is dark, Ellie and her surrounding cast are able to convey the story in a comedic and heartfelt way.

I think anyone with a Netflix subscription and a love for comedy should give, at least, the first three episodes a try.