Hylton Named a PWCS School of Excellence

Kristine Makhatlishvili and Nida Khan

Hylton was one of 56 Prince William County Schools to earn the 2018-2019 School of Excellence distinction. This is Hylton’s seventh time on the list in its 28-year history. Hylton was on the list twice in the last three years; it previously earned this distinction in 2016.

In a staff email, principal Mr. David Cassady said, “This is truly your award and I am so very proud to be your principal.” 

Hylton exceeded many other schools to earn the distinction. Hylton is one of six high schools, including Colgan, Battlefield, Osbourn Park, Patriot and Woodbridge on the list.

 “I am very proud of the progress our schools are making,” said Steve Walts, PWCS Superintendent of Schools in this article. According to the article, the criteria reviewed to earn the distinction includes absenteeism, drop-out rate, wellness and overall climate satisfaction for parents and teachers.

Hylton’s on-time graduation rate is one area that sets the high school aside from its peers. “Our vision moving forward is that we want everyone to graduate on time,” said assistant principal Mr. Eric Switzer.

Switzer also said, “I’m most proud of the family aspect of our school.  We stick together as a family to achieve our on-time graduation rate.  It takes a team to accomplish this.”Graduation 2018.

Many staff members and students expressed their pride in Hylton.

English teacher Ms. Sarah Wenstrup said, “I’m very proud of our students and staff for working so hard and I think our school deserves this.”

Sophomore Maria Baig said, “I feel blessed to go to a school with such great energy and positivity from the students.”Cheerleaders dancing during a football game.