The Academic Team Undefeated, Wins First Two Games of Season

Hylton's Academic Team won two games in its first competition on November 29.


Gianna Jirak, Lifestyle and Fashion Editor

On November 29, the Hylton Academic Team played and won their first two games of the year. Led by team captain Timothy Cha, the team defeated both Garfield and Potomac, which has been a great motivator for the season ahead of them. “I feel with our team right now, we could place first in districts,” said team member Chloe Koulefianou.

The real star of the games was Chris Lee, answering the majority of questions and humbly leading his team to victory. He’s apart of the “dream team” or academic team’s most advanced players, which consists of Timothy Cha, Chloe Koulefianou, Gianna Jirak, and Chris Lee.

The “dream team.”

That doesn’t mean the other members weren’t important. Elizabeth Kemp, Siana Koulefianou, Jhonny Velasquez and Victoria Miranda answered many questions during the game as well. Hylton social studies teacher and Academic Team sponsor, Ms. Amy Liles said, “I knew we could do it.”

Last year, the academic team came second in districts and fourth in regionals. “I think we can get to states this year,” said team captain Timothy Cha. It’s not implausible; they’re currently on a winning streak.

Before each game, they warm up in a circle, going back and forth chanting “Who are we? Hylton!” The team believes the pre-game ritual is its secret weapon, as it gets people excited to play the game.

Academic team is a lot like Jeopardy. Team members buzz in when they know the answer.  The questions are usually academically based and are about literature, authors, scientific theories, math problems, etc. Each game consists of three rounds. The first and third being toss-up questions and the second being a group round.

The team’s next game is December 13 at Colgan High School, so come out and support the Bulldogs!