Bricker Makes A Splash at Hylton

There’s a lot you don’t know about Mr. Bricker


Sumayyah Farooq, Editor of News and Politics

It’s Mr. James Bricker’s first year as a ninth grade physical education and health teacher at Hylton, but that didn’t stop him from diving in.  Even though he is new to Hylton, he definitely isn’t new to teaching. Bricker worked 10 years at Parkside Middle School as the coach and athletic director. He also worked at Osbourn Park and Forest Park. He has coached football, wrestling and track.

Mr. James Bricker said he chose Hylton because of its students, school spirit and family mentality. Bricker is the sophomore class sponsor for the Student Council Association (SCA) and is an active member of the Athletic Advisory Council. He helped plan the games at the pep rally and organized the distribution of the Pinkout and Blackout shirts. Bricker is currently planning a fundraiser to support prom.

Bricker grew up in PWC and graduated from Woodbridge Senior High School in 2002. Back then, Bricker originally imagined himself as an accountant, but was put off when he realized he’d be trapped behind a desk all day.  He decided to study physical education at George Mason so he could become a gym teacher. He is currently working toward earning his administration endorsement.

Physical fitness is not only his job, it’s his passion. Outside of school, he is a certified personal trainer. “I enjoy helping others with their fitness goals,” said Bricker.

Bricker encourages students to stay motivated and never give up on their fitness goals. His main tip is to be patient with the process because it doesn’t happen overnight; consistency is key. He highly encourages having a gym buddy, eating well and staying hydrated.

In addition to physical fitness, Bricker has some unique hobbies. For instance, one of Bricker’s hobbies is leading  a 50+ year old Mall-walking group on the weekends. He also enjoys finding and collecting four leaf clovers and $2 bills.

Bricker shared that he is a big fan of high fives.  The next time you see him, be sure to greet him with one.