First-Year Teacher Keeps Chemistry Fun

Nida Khan, Staff Writer

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Mr. Jordan Daniel Frank is a first-year chemistry teacher.  After earning his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, Frank set out to obtain a job working in the D.C. area.  When he heard of an opening at Hylton, he knew it would be a perfect fit.

Frank’s interest in teaching and chemistry really sparked during his sophomore year of college. His peers advised him to teach due to his former experience and unique teaching style.

Frank believes in trusting the students to do their own work and use their time wisely. “I want my students to realize they have a responsibility once they step in this class,” said Frank. He aims to make chemistry fun for his students by engaging them in interactive activities.

Sophomore Shelby Sonnier said, “He has an amusing way of conveying chemistry to his students.”

“He challenges his students in games of Kahoot, and he makes it very fun to play,” said Junior Ethan Marotske. 

Frank likes being up and about on a field or in a classroom. He plays sports and spends time outdoors to unwind after a long day. Music is also one of his interests. He plays guitar and even published his own song, “Island Time” on Spotify. If you want to listen to his song Island Time, go to:

Frank’s favorite part of teaching at Hylton is his students’ energy.  “There’s always something going on here,” said Frank.