Mr. Shawn Jones: Hylton’s IT Mastermind


Do you know who works behind the scenes and teaches all of your teachers about technology? It’s Mr. Shawn Jones, who is a vital asset to our school. Mr. Jones is an experienced educator who is in his 26 year in education. As we struggle to solve the problems that occur with technology, Mr. Jones is always ready to assist anyone in need.

Jones wasn’t always a technology mastermind. Twenty-five years ago, Jones started his career in teaching. He taught Government and Economics for 12 years before making the big switch. While teaching juniors and seniors in Pennsylvania, Mr. Jones noticed the lack of technology in the classroom and realized he wanted to change it. Jones developed a curiosity to learn more and went back to school to earn a master’s degree in education and instructional technology from Wilkes University. He believes the technology is very important in the classroom and wants students to realize that technology can be used for education as well.

Jones chose PWCS after seeing an ad online offering a new instructional technology position. His job responsibilities include helping teachers combine technology with their lesson plans.  He also manages other applications that take place in day to day operations, such as the web page, social media, Gradebook, Parent Portal, student and teacher passwords, iPads, and Chromebooks. He hosts training sessions throughout the day for teachers, so they can learn about new programs or apps to use in their lesson plans. Additionally, Mr. Jones will meet with teachers one on one if they need help using or getting started with a new program.

In August, he helped Mrs. Campagna use a new application, Flipgrid, for a teacher scavenger hunt. Even though a lot of teachers love using technology in their classrooms, there are some who don’t. Mr. Jones’ biggest challenge is trying to get his foot in the door with the reluctant teachers and encouraging them to utilize technology in their classrooms.

Some people might be surprised to find out Jones’ favorite part of the job isn’t actually working with technology; rather it’s working with students.

“I try getting into every classroom to be able to work with both the students and teachers,” said Jones.

Mr. Jones’ day is packed leaving him with very little downtime. He shared that he’s always multitasking and everyday is a working lunch. No matter how busy he is, helping teachers and students with technology is always his top priority.