Bulldogs Saving Lives

The National Honor Society (NHS) holds a blood drive each year at Hylton

Sumayyah Farooq and Nida Khan

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Hylton’s National Honor Society (NHS) hosted a blood drive on October 23. More than thirty individuals, including teachers and students, were able to donate blood potentially saving 90 lives.

Senior Maria Baig said she was nervous about donating blood for the first time, but shared it was quick and she will “definitely donate again.”

Two people were able to give a Power Red donation, donating two units of blood.  According to the Red Cross, some individuals can safely donate twice in one sitting. Construction teacher Mr. Michael Nerenberg was one of the two who gave a Power Red donation. Nerenberg said, “It is my civic duty to donate blood.”

Senior Isaac Fuentes said, “I decided to donate blood because it saves lives and due to the hurricanes, the Red Cross is really in need of blood.” 

Librarian and blood drive organizer Mrs. Dawn Moulen shared why the blood drive means so much to her. “Having had two transfusions this year, I felt very personally connected to this cause and felt it necessary to have this blood drive this year,” said Moulen. Being diagnosed with cancer, she is no longer able to donate blood for the cause. 

NHS holds blood drives annually as a service project providing NHS’s upperclassmen members with a chance to volunteer and earn service hours. If you want to learn more about donating blood, visit the American Red Cross at https://www.redcrossblood.org/donate-blood/how-to-donate/eligibility-requirements.html.