A Jack of English Trades: Sarah Wenstrup

Laila Hooks, Staff Writer

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Ms. Sarah Wenstrup is an English teacher at Hylton who not only cares about her students’ learning abilities, but their talents outside the classroom as well.

Ms. Wenstrup was born and raised in Bucks County, Pennsylvania but was drawn to Hylton by the school’s spirit, which reminded her of her years in high school. As a student, Ms. Wenstrup enjoyed mathematics because of the set answers, but preferred the freedom that language arts allowed. Ms. Wenstrup was inspired by some of her previous English instructors to become a language arts teacher.  She even remembers their names and the unique ways they incorporated fun into the classroom.

“They would explain stuff to me that I would have never thought of in a million years,” said Ms. Wenstrup. “Some of them would draw funny pictures and I still remember him drawing a carousal on the board when we were talking about Glass Menagerie, really strange things had a big impact and I was like ‘definitely want to do English’.”

Once she decided to become an English teacher, Ms. Wenstrup didn’t stop there. With a desire to expand her teaching resume early in the game, she took on not only English 10 and 11, but creative writing, Pre-AP English 10, and journalism. Ms. Wenstrup stepped down from journalism to open the position to a new teacher who had a degree in journalism. She said she wanted to give the students the best chance in pursuing journalism with a certified guide.

In addition to her prowess in the classroom, Ms. Wenstrup lends a hand with extracurricular activities after school. When asked by a former Hylton teacher to co-lead the annual talent competition, Mr. and Ms. Hylton, Ms. Wenstrup was thrilled to join the excursion not only because there was a similar competition in her old high school, but because she enjoys showcasing students’ unknown talents. Whether it’s gymnastics or poetry reading, Ms. Wenstrup loves to see it all.  That’s why she also took on a less competitive project for students to broadcast their talents known as Coffee Night.

Although Coffee Night will not be held this year, Ms.Wenstrup’s enthusiasm for student talent has not dwindled. Mr. Switzer is planning a new community event this year known as Night of the Arts and Ms. Wenstrup quickly volunteered to support the event.

Ms. Wenstrup is an involved teacher who supports students’ academic and extracurricular activities. She loves being a part of Hylton’s school spirit and activities.