Weekday Teacher, Weekend Nurse

Mr. Jason Fox teaches two Advanced Placement classes and works as a psychiatric and emergency room nurse.

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Weekday Teacher, Weekend Nurse

Rahima Adnan, Staff Writer

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Mr. Jason Fox currently teaches AP United States History and AP Psychology, all while being a psychiatric and emergency room nurse at the same time. Fox has lived an exciting life from being a registered psychiatric and emergency room nurse to living in Mongolia for two years serving in the Peace Corps. He works shifts at the hospital on weekends switching on and off from the emergency to psychiatric departments.  To truly understand his life, you have to start from the beginning. 

After high school, Fox became a volunteer firefighter and an EMT. He liked the medical aspect of being an EMT so he got into nursing. Fox worked forty hour weekends to get his second degree in history, which is his passion. One of his greatest accomplishments is earning his second degree.

While working as a geriatric nurse in his twenties, he would listen to his patients share stories of serving in WWI and WWII.  Their stories of seeing the world inspired him to join the Peace Corp. The Peace Corp gave Fox an assignment in Mongolia and put him through a twelve week, ten hour a day extensive language training program to become fluent in Mongolian. He likes the Mongolian language because it’s nothing like English or any other language.

His teaching path began at the city hospital in Mongolia where he taught nursing.  After returning home from the Peace Corps, he moved to Washington and earned his masters in secondary education. His first teaching job was in a school for refugee children in Las Vegas in 2003. In 2005, he moved to Northern Virginia and began teaching at Hylton.

Fox is a hardworking teacher who genuinely cares about what he teaches and his students.  Nursing taught him humility and patience, which he uses in the classroom. Those soft skills help him to better understand and connect with his students. Fox says his interactions with students make teaching fun.

Bulgan, Mongolia